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18 October 2010
Hello Viktoria,
We hope that you and your family are well.
We had a fantastic time in St. Petersburg and in Berlin thanks to you and your staff.
Tim our guide in St. Petersburg and Andre' our driver were fantastic!  Tim was very informative and interesting as he talked about the history and people relevant to the sites that we visited.   He is a fantastic public relations person, and because of the tour with him, we changed out preconceived ideas about Russia and the Russian people.  All of the people that we met were so friendly and accommodating.  Andre' was an excellent driver getting us from place to place on schedule without any mishaps.  Looking back, we cannot believe all that we had experienced and learned while visiting your country.  This was only made possible by your professional and hard-working staff.
In Berlin, Tom was also very good.  He was so very enthusiastic about showing us Berlin.  His tour was  wonderfully engaging.  He captured our  attention and gave us a memorable tour around this historic city.
Everybody in our group agreed that you and SPB-Tours are the best.  We would happily recommend you to anybody.  If we ever return to your country, we would absolutely tour with you again.  Thank you for making this such a memorable and happy experience.
Best Wishes,
Larry & Ruth Szymczak, Chicago, Illinois, USA   ljszymczak@att.net

22 September 2010
Hi Viktoria,
I will recommend your tours – that is for sure, and hope that sometime in the future we will have the chance to tour with you agaon.
Best Wishes
Janet and Ray   janaray2@tiscali.co.uk

22 September 2010
Hi Viktoria
Just wanted to say how pleased we were with the well organized tours to Berlin and St. Petersburg recently.
We really enjoyed them and appreciated how well organized they were, and how very good the guides were (Preston in Berlin, and Tim in St. Petersburg).
We have SO many wonderful memories of the tours.
Best wishes from Janet and Ray Grice UK   janaray2@tiscali.co.uk

22 September 2010
Hi Viktoria and Anthony,
I wanted to thank you for a wonderful tour that Elena gave us last month. My husband and I enjoyed the tour and we loved St. Petersburg. I just wanted to thank you for your services!
Liz Anders    liz@kinzelmanart.com

20 September 2010
Hello Viktoria.  This is Ed Miller from “deep in the heart of Texas”! Although late, I wanted to drop you a note.
We used your company for a tour of St.  Petersburg on August 24-25 of this year.  We were on the Star Princess.   Our guide was Albina and she was fantastic!  Every little detail was handled by her-- from our comfort in the van to restrooms to ordering lunch for us, etc…   She was fantastic which was no surprise based upon the high level of service and communication you and your team provided to me during the planning process.
You folks are the best and I will post a message on Cruise Critic (which is where I heard of you).
Thanks again and hears to a WARM WINTER for you!!
Best regards,
Ed Miller   evm1563@satx.rr.com

16 September 2010
Greetings from Toronto Viktoria.
It was such a pleasure meeting you.
We arrived home safely and exhausted a few days ago.
Many thanks for arranging such wonderful tours for our family in St. Petersburg and Berlin.
We thoroughly enjoyed the short time spent with Preston, Renee, Elena and Max.
Attached please find some pictures we took.
May I  ask if you would kindly forward the pictures to Preston and Renee as I do not have their email address.
I will send another email with a few more pictures as I had to divide in half due to email size restrictions.
It was so kind of you to bring us the treats which we enjoyed after our cruise with David in Delft.
We stayed 6 days with him after our cruise.
I have given our travel agent at Expedia Cruise Ship Centers your contact information so they may recommend SPB to any clients that require tours in St. Petersburg or Berlin.
We hope to see you again when our travels bring us your way. . .hopefully in the near future.
Wishing you much success.
Best regards,
Rita, Pearl, Daisy, Tin and David   Rita.Wong@hines.com

15 September 2010
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner after my initial e mail (shortly after we returned home in August) concerning our St. Petersburg tour on August 13th.
To further elaborate, those who are superstitious would never venture out on a Friday the 13th.  Our group of four is not and even if we were we’d have to believe it was an especially lucky day.
It was a pleasure to meet you briefly in the cruise terminal as you were lining up the various tour groups.  As I previously indicated, you and your organizations excellent communications prior to our leaving on the trip gave us a good sense of confidence that we would have a good day.  However, our expectations were far exceeded.  We can’t say enough about Elena and Max.  Elena’s knowledge, personality and know how was so professional and effective.  She knew exactly how to maneuver and get us around the big crowds and other tour groups to see so much in the limited time.  At Catherine’s Palace we got to see so much including the outside gardens (which I don’t recall seeing when I was there in 1995) and even the place for lunch was unique—not to mention good food, served quickly, and at a reasonable price.
As you will recall, our major pre-trip concern was maximizing our time in the Hermitage.  She was incredible!  While we knew we could not see everything in that magnificent facility, we felt when we left that we had really seen so many of the highlights.  Again, her ability to know where to go and how to minimize crowd delays was so evident and important in making the tour so wonderful.
Max was an excellent driver in what is a very difficult driving environment.  New York metropolitan traffic looked good to us after seeing the challenges of driving in St. Petersburg!  He was very pleasant and added his own special touches to make the tour so memorable.  The vehicle we were transported in was comfortable and clean and reflected a first class operation that you run.
As you know, friends had recommended you from a trip they took two years ago.  When you arranged the one day tour with the highlights of the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, building in extra time at the Hermitage, we decided to cancel the Ship’s tour (covering essentially the same sights) and we certainly are satisfied with that decision.  We will be happy to recommend you to any people we know that are headed for St, Petersburg in the future.
Again, your formula of good communications, good offerings, and especially employing people like Max and Elena makes for a winning team.  We are most appreciative to all of you for a most memorable Friday the 13th this past August and wish you continued success.
MEYER L. ROSENTHAL, ESQ    meyer@therosenthals.net

15 September 2010
Dear Victoria,
My wife and I were passengers on the Eurodam visiting St Petersburg on August 13 &14, 2010.  We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour of St Petersburg that was given by Helen.  We were very much impressed by her knowledge and professionalism in conducting this tour.  This  tour was the highlight of our Baltic cruise.  We were also very pleased and impressed with the entire booking process and the prompt communications that followed until the tour commenced.  Your tours and organization produces them are highly recommended.
Bob & Joan Verschure   bigbopper4@verizon.net

14 September 2010
Dear Viktoria,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful 2 Days in your Country, The itinary was perfect. Elena was the best  Tour Guide we have ever had, she was a mind of information, and nothing was to much trouble she gave 100%.
Thank You, SPB Tours, you made our visit to St Petersburg one we will never forget,  Thank you for everything ,
Thank you Elena   deedia.deedia@tiscali.co.uk

13 September 2010
Hello Viktoria,
Our tour with Elena was absolutely incredible, and words cannot express how much we enjoyed it.
My wife and I have traveled all over the world, and have taken tours in many different places. Even so, we found Elena to be an outstanding tour guide. For starters, her English is absolutely perfect. I can’t tell you how many times we have had English speaking tour guides who were difficult to understand because they had thick accents or didn’t speak English very well. Elena’s English was so good that if I didn’t know that she was Russian, I would have assumed that she was an American or a Canadian.
We both also found Elena to be very personable. Believe me when I say that we have had our share of tour guides who were stuffy and just wanted to get the tour over with, but Elena wasn’t like that at all. She didn’t rush us, and didn’t treat us like “stupid American tourists”. She was incredibly kind to us, even going so far as to share her dessert with us when we stopped for lunch.
Rest assured that we will not hesitate to use your services again the next time that we are in St. Petersburg. Please tell Elena that we said thank you again for giving us a perfect day that neither of us will ever forget.
Thanks again,
Brien    Brien@brienposey.com
PS. I almost forgot to tell you that using a Mercedes Benz for the tours was a really nice touch. It was nice to be able to ride around in comfort.

13 September 2010
Dear Viktoria,
Just want to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour with Tim on September 3 and 4.  It was a fabulous tour and Tim's knowledge of Russian History restored my interest in the subject.  I took a college course in Russian History over 40 years ago, but most of my knowledge has long been forgotten.
I also don't feel that we were deprived because of the 2 hour delay in the Star Princess arriving in port.  We were able to see everything that was planned and even a little bit more.
I did write a cruise review on cruisecritic and was very positive about our SPB experience (it's written under the user name Islanderman).  You can be certain that I will recommend SPB to any friends who might decide to take a cruise to the Baltics.
It was a pleasure meeting you, and Robin and I wish you continued success in your enterprise.
Warm regards,
Richard Lynde

13 September 2010
Hi Viktoria,
It was a pleasure meeting you.  Had to get myself in the picture that I took hence for the delay in writing.
We thoroughly enjoyed our St. Petersburg tour thanks to Svetlana's professionalism and friendly manner.
If any of our relatives or friends plan on visiting St. Petersburg, we will surely recommend SPB Tours.
Winston Woo   woow@rogers.com

7 September 2010
Hi Vika,
Thank you so much for the perfect organization of our trip in St-Petersburg and for the excellent information we got from Luba.You may be sure that we can highly recommend your company as well as our guide Luba to friends,visiting your city.
We wish you all the best and thank you again,
Jan and Chris   jan_colpaert@hotmail.com

6 September 2010
Hi Viktoria,
I, once again, want to thank you for having so well organised our visit to your wonderful city of St petersburg last July when we toured with Luba.
Also, I want to say that Luba did a very good job as guide and we all enjoyed her knowledge.
Best regards
Patrick Asselberghs, Kapellen-Belgium   patrickasselberghs@hotmail.com

4 September 2010
Dear Victoria,
I want to thank you and your tour company for the fantastic 2-day tour of St. Petersburg that our group received.  We arrived in St. Petersburg on August 18, 2010 on the Holland America Cruise Ship the Prinsendam.  The tour 2-day active tour was amazing and the sights were absolutely unbelievable.  Our tour guide Elena L. was fabulous.  Elena’s English was great and her knowledge of St. Petersburg was amazing.  Elena and your tour was the highlight of our two week Baltic Cruise.  Please extend to Elena our thanks again.  We/I loved the surprise vodka shopping stop as well as all of the other extras that Elena added to our tour.
Best regards, Don & Betty Meyer   meyerdk@msn.com

2 September 2010
Hello Viktoria,
I had no idea you would be there to say “good bye” at the end of the second day, or I would have emailed sooner.  My husband and I did participate in most of the second day’s tour, but we left it when the tour went to the Hermitage.  We had been there before, and we wanted Irene to be able to get a more personalized tour without having to worry about my husband’s mobility problems.  He fell off our roof and broke his femur a couple of years ago, and then got a bad blood clot which never healed properly, so he sometimes has problems with his leg swelling, especially when he stands in one place for a long time (as you do when looking at something in a museum).  Right before we left on our cruise, he pulled something in that leg, and it bothered him the entire vacation.  We just couldn’t see having him go through the Hermitage in pain, so we left the tour early on the second day.  I would have loved to have completed it…but it just made sense to go back to the ship so he could rest his leg.  It was in no way Elena’s fault, and we could tell she was sorry that we wouldn’t be finishing the tour.  But it sounds like Irene had a fantastic personal tour with Elena after we left, and my husband was much happier being back on the ship, resting his leg.
I was looking at the pictures yesterday, and have such fond memories of our time there.  I think sometimes you don’t realize what a good time you had until you look back at the photos.  We took over 700 of them (most in St. Petersburg), so we are having a very good time remembering it all.
Thanks again for a wonderful tour, and please pass along our thanks and good wishes to Elena.
Tami Kobold   tamikobold@hughes.net

31 August 2010
We loved meeting you and Elena was absolutely FABULOUS!!!  We all had the perfect two days in St. Petersburg.  We appreciated you taking time to meet us.  Would you please give Elena this link to our web page and I would love her email address---we forgot to exchange email addresses  Thank you so much---longer letter to follow when we get home Sept. 18.  The ship's email is impossible.
Hug to you!!
Barb   callplum@aol.com

31 August 2010
Vika,i just want to thank you for the great tour. Alvina was super. We all raved about her. You have a beautiful and great city that I know you are very proud of. Hopefully we will meet again. Please extend our best to Alvina and thank her again,
Dick and Rita Oster  ostock@optonline.net

31 August 2010
I just wanted to thank you for all your help in organizing our trip on Aug 13. We were on the Eurodam.  Our tour guide Ellana was great. She was very knowledgeable and spoke very good English. She was very patient in answering all our questions. I would highly reccomend her to your clients.
Steven   sports989@aol.com

28 August 2010
Hi Viktoria,
Thank you for your email.
I thought I might mention a few things regarding our experience on the tour. I know Alexander is focused on the war but what was really interesting to us was the history. The contrast between the excesses of the Czars, the Revolution, the brutality of Stalin and the horror of the war brought about an understanding of why Russia was the way it was during the Cold War and through to today. It's the "Story of Russia." You can see the political propaganda in Russia vs the propaganda the US was putting out. It gave us perspective and understanding of Russia and the Russian people.
I think this is something Alexander could embrace and it would make for a much more interesting tour vs. just focusing on the war. And it is something you cannot get without a Russian speaking guide. The Siege museum and the State History Museum would make little sense with out a Russian translating as all the exhibits are in Russian.
We feel very fortunate that almost by accident we were able to experience that tour and we were able to put the pieces together ourselves. If the tour was structured that way it would make an extremely interesting and enlightening story.
Hope that helps,  Randall    rcwise1@gmail.com

27 August 2010
Hey, Vika and Company!
Just wanted you to know that we had our two day tour last week of St. Petersburg with your man, Eugene, and HE WAS ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!!
That guy seriously deserves a raise!
We so much appreciate the fact that he was wonderful with my husband, who is on oxygen and in a wheelchair.  Eugene was absolutely accommodating and always respectful.
His knowledge was phenomenal!  He was consistently right there with a comment of historical interest as we saw a sight or passed an exhibit or beautiful building.
His English was impeccable from an American perspective.  At first I would have sworn he was an American living in the Russian Federatin.
Anyway, we hope you all do appreciate the wonderful talent and ability you have in this tour professional.
Thanks again for all your assistance on our journey!
Lois Reinemann   rjr1050@aol.com

27 August 2010
Hi Viktoria,
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour of St. Petersburg on 13 – 14 August.  Our guide was Elena (or was it Helena…I wasn’t sure!), and she did a great job.  She was unbelievably patient with us, even though there were times that I’m sure we must have been annoying.
All in all, it was a great tour, and we will highly recommend your company to others.
Tami Kobold  tamikobold@hughes.net

24 August 2010
Hello Viktoria
We are on our way back to the ship now after a wonderful day in Berlin.
Preston was a wealth of knowledge in the history of Germany.
Renee our driver was waiting for us when we disembarked this morning. David enjoyed chatting with him in german. He is a great driver!
We are now looking forward to our 2 days with you in St P.
Many thanks for arranging such an enjoyable day for us.
Rita   rita.wong@hines.com

24 August 2010
Just wanted you to know that we had the most marvelous 2 days with Albena  last week
The tour was fabulous and she was so knowledgeable and pleasant --it made it all even better!
Can't believe how much we were able to see and learn thanks to the very well planned agenda coupled with Albena's  organization and efficiency- and -no waiting at museums/palaces despite the very long lines others were encountering.
In speaking with others on the ship after our SPB tour it was clear that no other venue matched yours
Thanks for a wonderful introduction to your very beautiful city; and it will be a pleasure to recommend SPB to any friends traveling to Russia in the future
(PS hope Victoria enjoyed her family holiday in Germany) Arlene   arlenedunn@rcn.com

24 August 2010
First, please forgive me for taking so long to get in touch with you.  I returned home with a very bad cold and was ill for a couple of weeks.
Our July 17 and 18 tour with Viktoria was absolutely wonderful.  What a great person she is.  We were able to see more in two days than most people could in a week.  She taught us so much about Russia and it's history.
I could just go on and on about what a wonderful guide she was, but I'm sure you already know it.
We had a wonderful time in Russia and if we get back  again some day, I hope you will still be doing tours.
SPB is great.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Bette-Jean Locke   sun-shinegirl@embarqmail.com

24 August 2010
Hello Viktoria,
We want you to know that we had a wonderful tour and time in St. Petersburg with your guide Maria and driver Max. Please tell them hello and we hope that all of you are doing very well. We so enjoyed our Baltic Cruise and especially our tour of St. Petersburg. Maria and Max made our 2 day tour of St. Petersburg (7/28-29/2010) so very special. Thank you so much. Below you will find the review that we have sent to trip advisor and cruise critic.
SPB TOURS is absolutely a top of the line professional company. Viktoria Rother, the tour director, takes care of every detail so that you will not have to worry about anything from the moment you email her about a tour until you must say your sad goodbyes. Our guide Maria and our driver Max were outstanding in every way possible.  Both were fluent in English and Maria has mastered the historical aspects of every stop.  She also added current information, answered our numerous questions, located an ATM and helped with souvenirs. Lunch was a delicious yet inexpensive local blinis or piroggi—just what we wanted.  Max handled the air-conditioned Mercedes van with ease (traffic jams and parking can be a nightmare) and always took us very close to the entrance or exit. We saw all the major highlights of St. Petersburg (city tour, Place Square, Peter and Paul’s fortress and cathedral, Church on Spilled Blood, Hermitage Museum, etc) and the environs (subway ride, Peterhof, Tsars’ Village, Catherine’s Palace with the Amber room, etc) in two full days. It is not necessary to have a visa or reserve numerous tours, just contact www.spb-tours.com  St. Petersburg is a beautiful city and you will not be disappointed by taking a tour from this company.
Thank you again!
Our very best to all of you,
Barry and Marilyn Stenberg   stnbrg4@comcast.net

23 August 2010
SINCERELY,  SUSAN JACKSON   sjackson26307@aim.com

20 August 2010
I will write in more detail as trying to catch up with office work today.  Brief summary:  It is hard to believe just one week ago at this time we were enjoying our tour of Catherine’s Palace and St. Petersburg.  It was a pleasure personally meeting you bright and early on August 13th.  The tour was terrific and exceeded the high expectations we had for it.  Everything about it—from your e mail communications, actual tour guide and driver—totally professional.  More to follow except to all in your organization:---THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
MEYER L. ROSENTHAL   meyer@therosenthals.net

18 August 2010
Thank you for the wonderful 2-day Baltic Pearl Tour (July 28-29).
It was great!
And thank Elena, our tour guide, for sharing with us her love and passion for your beautiful city of St. Petersburg.
It was the highlight of our most memorable Baltic and Northern Europe cruise.
We are very pleased to have made the connection with SPB, and we were impressed that you greeted all of us at the end of our 2-day tour.
Word of mouth is one's best form of advertising, and you made a wonderful impression on us -- one that will be passed along to future visitors to St. Petersburg.
Hopefully, we'll have the opportunity to return as well.
Thank you, again!
Kim and Denise from Indiana (USA)   tribe54@att.net

18 August 2010
Dear Viktoria,
We are now back from our Baltic Cruise aboard the Queen Victoria. We had a wonderful cruise but the highlight of the holiday was our tour of St. Petersburg. Luba was absolutely fantastic,  her love for St. Petersburg shone through  She made the whole two days so interesting  and enjoyable. We would like you to thank her for us. If we knew her email address we would do so ourselves.
Everything went so smoothly from getting off the ship to getting back. We will certainly be recommending you to any of our friends who go to St. Petersburg.
Thank you once again, and thank you from Joyce and Barbara.
With our very best regards,
Malcolm & Adrienne Richman   adriennecyn@o2.co.uk
P.S.  It was lovely meeting you.

17 August 2010
We just arrived back from our amazing holiday in Europe. We both wanted to thank you so much for your gift of chocolates and Champaign for our 25th anniversary. It was so kind and thoughtful for you to think of us on our very, very special day. The five of us had a toast that evening (while eating the delicious chocolates, of course)!
Thank you again for making our trip to St. Petersburg so memorable. We will be sure to pass on your name for anyone thinking of travelling to Russia. It was certainly a pleasure meeting you.
Donna & Garry Johnson   djohnson@wpnlaw.com

17 August 2010
Dear Viktoria:
My wife and I were on the St. Petersburg tour from Eclipse on July 17 and 18. First and foremost we wish to thank you for providing us with a most memorable visit. It was our highlight port of call. We have friends already looking forwards to following in our footsteps. You provided us with such good care and our friendly,  knowledgeable guide.
Jerry Spielholtz   gis1203@gmail.com

16 August 2010
Hi, we have arrived back in the states from our trip.  Just want to tell you all what a wonderful experience we had in Germany and Russia with SPB tours.  In Germany we hit a very bad backup on the Autobahn and your driver was wonderful in getting us back to our ship before it left port, we got back rather late at about 9:30-9:40PM.
All in all the tours were exceptional.
Thank you again, Judy and Ken Beaman. kbman10@optonline.net

12 August 2010
Dear Viktoria,
Candy, Chris, Scott and I had a fabulous time on our Azamara Journey cruise last month, and were especially pleased with our tours of Berlin and St. Petersburg.  Both Sarah and Elena did a wonderful job, and we real feel that we got to "know" both cities, if only for a short time.
Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
Holly Richardson   hkr1216@cox.net

12 August 2010
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated having Alexeeva Olga as our tour guide during our two day visit to your beautiful city last month. She was  without any doubt the most interesting and informative guide that I have had the pleasure of knowing in all my years of travel to various parts of the world. Her knowledge and command of events in Russian history was most impressive. It would be an extreme pleasure to recommend her to any of our friends that may have the opportunity to visit St. Petersburg in the future.
With regard to our driver, Serg is an outstanding driver and most courteous in every sense of the word. He was always there to pick us up and made every effort to drop us of as close to each venue as possible.
If I could offer a suggestion. I would strongly recommend that following a tour you contact the clients via email to ask their opinion regarding the sights they visited, the tour guides and driver, as well as their overall impression of the tour package. I have spent 50 year in the business world and knowing how well you are perceived by your customers enables you to improve your interface with them. Soliciting customer feedback can only help to deliver a better product.
Thanks again to you and your staff.
Orazio Barresi   ORBITHOU@aol.com

12 August 2010
Hello, I just wanted to thank SPB tours for the tour we received on aug 4 and 5.  Valeriy (I'm not sure if I spelled his name right) our guide was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job. The tour was well organized and we were able to see everything that we wanted to in the 2 days that we had.  Thanks for the great tour experience
Michal Chan   7michan@gmail.com

12 August 2010
Hello Viktoria,
We are finally settled back in the States again. I wanted to let you know how we enjoyed our tour in St. Petersburg with Alexander. We had a 3-day private tour so we were able to customize our tour as we went.
Although the Hermitage and the Palaces were spectacular, the parts of the tour that we enjoyed the most were the history excursions. Alexander took us to the State History Museum and the Siege of Leningrad Museum as well as the Siege memorials, and the war bunkers and trenches. It would not have been possible without Alexander as he is tremendously knowledgable on St. Petersburg history and of course we would not have been able to understand the museums without his ability to translate from Russian.
After our 3 days in St Petersburg we had dinner with the other SPB tour group. When we told them what we had done at least 3 of the men expressed that they would have loved to have done our tour as they were also very interested in St. Petersburg history.
In any case I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour with Alexander.
Randall & Nancy Wise   rcwise1@gmail.com

11 August 2010
Dear Viktoria,
We have just returned from our cruise and we wanted to write to say what a truly wonderful time we had with Elena in Petersburg.  She was an excellent guide in every sense.  She was warm, knowledgeable, communicative, sensitive to our needs and wishes and went to great lengths to make sure that we had the best possible experience.   She was also an excellent driver and managed to get through the traffic safely and quickly and found the best parking spots at every place we visited!   We felt that nothing was too much trouble for her.   In fact, at the end of our trip we left a flash unit from our camera in her car and we were amazed to find that she had driven all the way back to the ship to return it to us.   We didn't get the chance to thank her for that personally but we hope that you will let her know how very grateful we are for that and for the memorable tour of Petersburg.
Please let Elena know how much we valued her and also let her know that, if she would like to email us at this address, we would be happy to be in touch with her.
After our experience in Petersburg, we felt confident in recommending your agency to some fellow passengers who planned to return and spend longer in the city.
All good wishes,
Rebecca and David Friedman   friedfish1@verizon.net

10 August 2010
Hi, Vika. So nice to hear from you. We will highly recommend your agency to people traveling to St. Petersburg. Again, please extend our appreciation to Elena and Max for a fabulous three days in your city. During the planning process, we always were very impressed with your prompt responses to our emails and questions. That made a huge difference for us. Thanks again for being flexible and for helping us with a wonderful experience in St.
Sincerely, Rebecca Cooper   beccabcooper@comcast.net

9 August 2010
I hope you are doing well.
Shown below is a link to the website that has some of the pictures I took while in Germany.
You were a wonderful guide.  You made our time in Berlin very special.
Please say hello to Steffen and Norberd (Our driver - I hope I spelled his name correct).
Also, please tell Steffen that he is free to use my pictures on his web site if he wants.
Sincerely, Ron Johnson  ronj@adtecinc.com

9 August 2010
Dear Victoria
Now that we are home, wanted to send an email to thank you for organising our ST P tour - it was an excellent two days nad we very much enjoyed it.  Katya is a great guide and we are grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and her love of her city.
Candy Cosgriff   cosg@optusnet.com.au

6 August 2010
Dean Vika and Anthony
We are back in Canada after a wonderful cruise, and two especially interesting and rewarding visits in Berlin and St. Petersburg.  We enjoyed both cities, albeit our stay in Berlin was way too short.  Your guide Syvia (who happened to be from Quebec) was very knowledgeable and vivacious.  We really enjoyed her.  As for St. Peterburg, I think we could not have made a better choice.  Both Evgenys the guide and the driver were super.  The guide really knew all about the city and its wonderful sites and history and the driver was super competent.  I would recommend your operation without hesitation to anyone visiting St. Petersburg.  The only glich, as you know, was the visit of the Gold Rooms, where no reservation had been made even though on May 31 we were assured that a specific entrance time had been booked. But fortunately we got to visit them, albeit with a Russian guide....All in all, everything went very well and we both were impressed with the quality of service that was provided to us.  Furthermore, because there were only the two of us, we never had to wait to visit a palace or a museum.  It is a lot easier that being in a group of 25 or 30.
Thank you again for your help and hope to visit you again.
Michelle Riopel and John Mustard  riopel@bell.net

6 August 2010
Hello Viktoria,   Now we have "come down to earth" after our cruise, we would like to thank you for your arrangements which all worked out so perfectly. As I said, when you so kindly came to meet us at the end of our first day, we were really impressed by your original speedy reply and all information including full and   frank details of cost, which gave me the confidence to make a booking with you for the four of us.   Our guide Alexander was so very knowledgeable and able to guide our small group around the crowds to find a quiet corner to talk to us.The two ladies who joined us were charming and by the second day we  were all conversing and joking  with Alexander as though we had all known each other for weeks! We all agreed that we certainly would not have liked to be in a large group from the ship, especially in the heat ( and noise ) of the Hermitage.Getting off the ship was quick and easy with no questions asked and we were through formalities in less than one minute each with no queue. Please feel free to use this on your testimonials page and I would be prepared to reply to anyone who would like to contact me with any questions about our experience with your company.Thank you again, Win Townsend.   Raywinat3@aol.com

3 August 2010
Hello Victoria.  I am sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but I wanted to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed both our tours in St Petersburg and Berlin.  Holly in Berlin was the perfect guide. So knowledgeable and friendly.  Maria in St Petersburg was just delightful.  Ilya was a great too.  I appreciate everything and will happily recommend you to anyone who asks.
Kim Mattox   sandkeykim@aim.com

2 August 2010
Just returned from our cruise on the Celebrity Constellation and wanted to tell you how wonderful our tours to Berlin and St. Petersburg were!!!
In Berlin our guide was Heather, a very articulate and competent young woman. She was great!  In St. Petersburg our guide was Elena, also very articulate and intelligent! She was so very informative and personable!
Thank you so much! We will definitely recommend you to our friends!
Linda   linda10795@aol.com

2 August 2010
Dear Vika:
I can't start to thank you, SPB and especially our guide Victoria for a great time in Saint Petersburg.  On behalf of our group, tahnk you for a memorable vacation.  Saint Petersburg was the highlight of our trip.
I was wondering if you can send me Victoria's email address, so we can thank her properly.
Regards, Miguel   mesancho@racsa.co.cr

2 August 2010
Hi Viktoria,
I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for setting up the tours for us. We’ve been back for a while but everything has been rushed with work so I haven’t had much time to just stop and think back to our trip.
Eugene was wonderful. There is no doubt that St Petersburg was the highlight of the trip. I actually never thought I would be in Russia and I found everything so interesting. Eugene was so knowledgeable and he took great care of us. He was always watching out to make sure that everyone was ok and cautioning us not to talk to strangers. He was just great!
He gave me his email address and his blog address but of course, I managed to lose it. I would appreciate having it when you see him. He was such an interesting person and I wish him well in his life.
I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to St Petersburg but I’ll be sure to pass on SPB as the tour company to use.
Thank you.
Marge Hassett   mps@tampabay.rr.com

1 August 2010
Dear Viktoria,  My name is Rochelle Goldsholl and we took a SPb tour last week with Luba and serge..what a wonderful guide you have in Luba.  She was a fantastic guide and a wonderful person.  You chose well and we all had a wonderful time due to this fabulous girl.
Serge was so competent..we felt very safe with him and this is so wonderful.
Please tell Luba we miss her and she was so good.  She made everything so wonderful..we especially LOVED the  members of the church that sang to us...this was a treat that we will never forget.  She gave us such information with such understanding.
We loved it all.
Thank you
Rochelle Goldsholl  (there were 9 of us and we had such a fine time)  sgoldsholl@comcast.net

30 July 2010 
Hi Elena,
We are back home and what a great trip!   We would like to thank you once again for a wonderful tour of St. Petersburg.  Not only did you give us a great perspective of your city's history and culture, but you did it in a most professional and efficient manner.  We wish you and SPb Tours continued success and will recommend you to any friends coming to Russia.
Best regards,
Scott & Cathy Hughes  phughes6@att.net

28 July 2010
Viktoria, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour of St. Petersburg with (the other) Viktoria!
She was a marvelous guide.  You could see her passion for your country and her dedication to our group.
We will be glad to recommend your services to anyone we know coming your way.
Janet   janet@soldbyjanet.net

28 July 2010
Dear Victoria,
On July 9th and 10th, 2010 we took the SPB 2-day tour with 10 of our friends in and around St. Petersburg…Svetlana was our guide and Peter was our driver… Those two days were awesome !  We so enjoyed visiting St. Petersburg and the team of Svetlana and Peter were fabulous people to be with…  Peter was attentive to details regarding our safety and helping us on and off the bus…. Svetlana obviously knows her city.  We were so pleased to have her introduce us to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.
I work in a library and talk with people every day who are planning trips… I will certainly recommend SPB tours to anyone who plans to visit St. Petersburg…  This tour was a wonderful and enriching experience.
Elinor and Ralph Pelfrey, Kentucky, USA   gagapapa@fuse.net

28 July 2010
Hello Viktoria –
Thank you for two wonderful tours in Berlin and St. Petersburg!  I was in the “Nikki Newlove – Party of Four” group, and just wanted to give you some feedback about our experiences.
In Berlin, our guide was Heather.  She had great energy and enthusiasm, and kept our group moving during the “heat wave” on July 10, 2010.  Heather has exceptional knowledge of Berlin and its history, and her stories had us enthralled all day.  The bus was comfortable, and I sincerely appreciated the bottle of water!  Our tour included an enjoyable combination of stops at local sights with some walking in between.  The stop for lunch and shopping near the Holocaust Memorial was timed well – we were ready for that good German beer!  By the end of the day, I felt we had gotten real value for our money, and now I want to visit Berlin again sometime soon.
In St. Petersburg, our guide was Elena, and she kept us going during the heat wave on July 12-13, 2010.  The bus was comfortable and appreciated the bottle of water (without gas!).  Over the two days, we saw everything I had hoped to see, and I felt we had plenty of time at each of the sights, including the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage, and Church of the Spilt Blood.  The boat ride through the canals on Day 1 was also fun, and a nice break from the bus and walking.  The Folklorica show the first evening also exceeded my expectations.  As we entered the palace, the champagne and actors dressed in 18th century costumes created an immediate ambiance, and the singers and dancers were wonderful.  Day 2 began with the hydrofoil trip to Peterhof.  Our tour of the grounds was impressive, as was the visit to Catherine’s Palace.  At lunch, I tasted Borscht for the first time!  One of the best parts of the tour was that I felt comfortable asking Elena endless questions about Communism and how the Russian people think about things.  She freely shared her thoughts and opinions, and her pride in Russia came through beautifully.  All in all, this tour was a really great experience and I can recommend it highly to others!
Thank you again for putting together these wonderful tours and for finding the right kind of people to lead them!
Bobbie O'Connell   B_Oconnell@MCSO.Maricopa.gov

27 July 2010
Dear Viktoria,
My wife and I were with the group from the Celebrity Eclipse on July 17 and 18, and had the Douglas', the Brand's, and the Epstein's in our group.
Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful tour.  Our guide Tim was terrific.  His knowledge of Russian history, artwork, and the local area was very impressive.  And when combined with his wonderful anecdotes and sense of humor, it really made for the experience of a lifetime.  Even the places he took us for lunch provided us a perspective we would not have been able to experience in a larger group.  Tim was more than a tourguide, he was also an interpreter and was able to find a convenient place for us to exchange dollars into rubles.  Basically, Tim was фантастический (I believe this means fantastic!)
If we ever travel to Europe again, we'll be sure to give you a call.  Thank you again for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Scott & Terri Siegel  atcbugsy@comcast.net

27 July 2010
We would like to thank you and Elena for the excellent tour we had in St Petersburg this week. Our favorites were Hermitage and Peterhof but we enjoyed all the tour sites. Elena is a wealth of knowledge and we greatly appreciated our time with her. Thank you for a great tour.
Steve Bullard and Ron Williams, San Diego, CA  sbullard@yahoo.com

27 July 2010
Hi, Viktoria. We are in Sweden right now after our Oceania cruise, and we wanted to write you briefly and let you kn ow how miuch we enjoyed our time in St. Petersburg with Elena and Maks. Elena is a fantastic guide, and Maks is just delightful! They were both so accommodating to our needs while we were in the city. We really felt that we got a wonderful orientation to the city as well as such personal attention. Both of us and our friends whom we were traveling with left with such a better understanding of St. Petersburg and its history. Most importantly, we felt so comfortable with Elena and Maks and can't thank you and them for all of their care while we were with them in the city. We will highly recommend your company for friends who are traveling to St. Petersburg. Once again, thank you so much, and please thank Elena and Maks again for us. We were truly sorry to say goodbye to them. We only wish we could have met you as well, but understand you were busy at the time. It was great for me visiting the city after 40 years when I was a student there! Perhaps we will return!  Spasibo bolshoy!
Sincerely, with appreciation, Rebecca and Ron Cooper  beccabcooper@comcast.net
26 July 2010
Hi Vika
Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our 2 days with Ileana in St. Petersburg!  She is very personable and knowledgeable regarding the history of Russia.  We learned so much.
Our driver Valeri was also very nice.  Our girls enjoyed conversing in French with him.
Thank you
Jo Anne Cummings  jlcummings@shaw.ca

25 July 2010
Hello from Florida in the USA
It was our pleasure to be on the Deluxe Tour July 13-14.  Our guide was Albina, and we cannot stop talking about her to all our friends!  She made our experience in St. Petersburg truly unforgettable.  Her manor was professional and she was very personable and accommodating to our group of 8 tourists.  Her knowledge of Russian history and Russia today inspires us to do more reading.  Thank you, Albina, for making our visit perfect.
Too bad the weather was 100 degrees F those days!
Jan and Martin Sachs  gumballjan@comcast.net

24 July 2010
Dear Viktoria,
My name is Diane Bailey and recently I had the pleasure of taking tours planned by your company, SPB Tours.   I was a member of ‘Nikki Newlove’s party of 4’ and we toured Berlin on July 10th and St. Petersburg on July 13th and 14th.   I cannot say enough good things about the thoughtful itinerary and the wonderful guides, Heather and Elena, that we had on these tours.
Thank you so much for giving us some wonderful memories of Berlin and St. Petersburg.   I will highly recommend your tour company to anyone I know traveling to Europe.
Sincerely, Diane Bailey   dbailey85375@comcast.net

24 July 2010
We had a wonderful 2 days with Luba & Serg. Luba was an absolute delight.  We saw & learned SO much.
Thank you for an incredible time in SPB.
Cherry   landfair.cl@gmail.com

22 July 2010
Hi Viktoria,
We made it home and I wanted to thank you and your husband for setting up those great tours for us. Saint Petersberg is a magnificent city and while Berlin didn't compare, the excitement of visiting all those places of contemporary history was fantastic. Our guide in Berlin, Sylvia was absolutely great. She made the tour exciting with her fantastic exuberance and at the end I couldn't believe all the things we saw. She was easy going and fun. At lunch we sat together eating and talking together. We knew all about her within the first hour of our tour. Thanks again David Axelrod  dzaxelrod@gmail.com

20 July 2010
I want to let you know that both Jim and I enjoyed our tour in both St Petersburg and Moscow.  In St Petersburg, we enjoyed Helena and the driver. We had such an enjoyable and memorable tour.  The sites we visited were excellent and I felt like I had know them forever.  Helena was very knowledgeable, made sure that everything went well and accommodated every request.  The driving was excellent and we loved your city.  I definitely would recommend your company and felt that it lived up to our expectations- even exceeded.  We felt so special and I am sure the other cruise passengers were jealous of our special treatment.
The flight to Moscow was wonderful.  Nice travel arrangements.  Again, he was quite knowledgeable and accommodating.  We saw everything we wanted to see and more.  It was a long day, especially with the airline delay on our return flight, but I would do it all again.  I hope to return someday and will definitely book tours with your company.
Thank you so much for all your help before in arranging and booking.  It was a delight working with you. Liz  emotta@riverdale.k12.ca.us

20 July 2010
Dear Anthony,
We did indeed have an excellent time.  You run a professional operation and I was happy to enlist in the industry "underdog" in St. Petersburg.  BTW, we will be referring SPB to our friends M/M Robert Morris and family when they travel to Berlin next month.  Hopefully they will make use of your services; I will recommend you highly.
Best regards, Adele  cyberlynx7@aol.com

20 July 2010
Victoria and Antony,
I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful tours in St. Petersburg with Elena and in Berlin with Heather.  These three days were the highlights of our Eurodam cruise.  We learned so much, we saw so much and our impressions of Russia and Berlin will never be the same.  Thank you for your attention to detail and making this happen for us.
Mary Beth Harper and Vijay Rastogi  mbharper@gmail.com

19 July 2010  Dear Viktoria,
We have just returned home from our Baltic Sea cruise.  We took the SPB 2-day tour in St. Petersburg on July 9 and 10, 2010.  Our tour guide was Svetlana and our driver was Peter.  This tour was the highlight of our trip!  Both Svetlana and Peter were wonderful and could not have been more helpful.  We were impressed with Svetlana's knowledge of St. Petersburg and the many works of art we saw in the Hermitage.  She was fantastic!  And Peter made us feel safe and comfortable at all times.  We just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful tour and to let you know what a great job both Svetlana and Peter did for us.  We plan to recommend your tour to our friends and to recommend it online to anyone who might be considering taking a trip to St Petersburg.  Thank you for a wonderful experience! 

Ruth and Jim Johnson, USA 

19 July 2010
Dear Steffen,
Thank you so much for all that you did to make our tour in Berlin the highlight of our week in the Baltic. Sion was the perfect guide for our family and we so enjoyed getting to know you while driving around the city. Thank you for everything you did to make the day a wonderful memory for our family.
Thanks so much,
Carolyn Walters and Family
Dallas, Texas  Rcccwalters@aol.com

19 July 2010
Dear Viktoria and team
I am sending a belated thank you for arranging a wonderful 2 day tour of St. Petersburg. Tonya was a delight and we felt so lucky to have her show us your beautiful city. She is a talented guide and such a nice young woman. Dema did a great job driving us around and was very friendly too. Thank you so much for a great experience-even in freezing rain our second day! We will recommend your agency to all our friends.
Thanks so much-we appreciate your wonderful guide and driver!
Carolyn Walters and family
Dallas, Texas  Rcccwalters@aol.com

18 July 2010
We had a wonderful time yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Preston was an execellent guide.
Thank you.
Cherry  landfair.cl@gmail.com

18 July 2010
Dear Anthony,
Just a quick note to say what a good tour SPB and especially Ylena provided.  Your company did a great job in showing us St. Petersburg and I will be sure to note this to both my travel agent as well as various travel websites.
Many thanks, Adele Shalik  cyberlynx7@aol.com
17 July 2010
Hi Vika,
We've been home from Europe now for a month and back in our regular routine..work, work and more work. Oh well, such is life!
I want to thank you, Ekaterina and Alex for making our two day Baltic Pearl Tour such a memorable experience. Anne, Rebecca and I all found St Petersburg to be an amazing place. Alex was an excellent driver. Ekaterina's cheerful personality, historical knowledge and efficiency are all second to none and you are lucky to have her on your team! Ekaterina is also a very fast walker! I like that! One reason I avoid group tours is that for me, often the pace is too slow. This was not the case with SPB. It was just right!
When we are in Europe again, we will make it our business to do an SPB Tour of Berlin!
Thank you again, and please pass our thanks on to Ekaterina and Alex.
Matt, Anne and Rebecca Raschke  matras1960@yahoo.com.au

17 July 2010
Everything was wonderful.  As soon as I have time, I am going to put a review on Cruise Critic.  Our entire group was thoroughly pleased and would not hesitate to recommend SPb-tours.  Ellen  ebrnosher@comcast.net

16 July 2010
Dear Viktoria,
We want to express our thanks for the wonderful time we had in St Petersburg and Berlin!  Katerina was so professional and knowlegeable.  She did and excellent job on showing us everything!  We were learned so much and were amazed at how much we were able to see in the two days.
In the short amount of time we had in Berlin, it was the highlight of the trip.  Boris did an incredible job of showing us the important sites and talking about the history.  I think because of his personality and that he is from the U.S., everyone,  especially our sons, appreciated how we could ask questions about daily life, culture, and how he related and compared the history and current events with the US.  We enjoyed seeing Berlin through Boris' eyes and want to go back to see more. 

Boris is a great asset to your team in Berlin!
Looking back at our cruise to the Baltic Sea, your tours helped us to have the best memories and were the highlight of our trip!  Thank you again!
Louise  llue@sbcglobal.net

15 July 2010
I just wanted to send this big THANK YOU for our wonderful, fantastic experience in St. Petersburg.  We were on the Disney Magic cruise and were in St. Petersburg on June 30 and July 1.
The tour that you arranged for us was the highlight of our vacation and our guide Elena S. was the absolute best.  She was extremely knowledgeable and a warm and genuine person.  We just loved her!  She was so patient with us when the kids started getting a bit tired and very helpful when we made some requests, such as finding caviar and cigerettes.  We also had a wonderful driver in Sergei (forgive my possible misspelling).  The one thing that impressed me the most was that you were there personally to greet us on our first day and to say good-bye at the end of our time in your beautiful city.
I truly cannot put into words how much we enjoyed our time in St. Petersburg, but because of you, Elena, and Segei our memories will last a lifetime.  I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone and everyone!
Thank you again for everything that you did for us in arranging our tour.  You and your company deserve much success.
Sincerely, Nina Moustafa  lzj21428@aol.com

15 July 2010 
Dear Vika and associates,
A quick thank you for arranging a wonderful tour.  Our guide Victoria was excellent-- and I speak as someone with a PhD in history myself!  (Not in Russian studies.). The same compliments for our conscientious and careful driver Valery. 
With best regards,
Susan Battley  susan.battley@battleyinc.com

15 July 2010
My family just arrived in Los Angles from Turkey.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us with an incredible experience in Russia.  Luba was AMAZING!!  The 8 of us could not stop saying enough about how wonderful she was.  Her knowledge is amazing.
Please do not hesitate to let me know if there are customers who need to hear a testimonial about your services.  We all gave the experience an A+.  ehoward720@hotmail.com

15 July 2010
Dear Viktoria,
We have just returned from our Baltic cruise.  What a wonderful time we had and SPB Tours contributed greatly to our enjoyment.  We booked a private tour for St. Petersburg and count that as one of the special highlights of our vacation.  Everything was handled in such a professional manner and our tour guide Anastasia was just amazing.  Her knowledge of everything in St. Petersburg was astounding and her willingness to impart that knowledge, and also the bits and pieces of everyday life, filled our two days in the best way possible.  Her sense of humor was appreciated as well.  St. Petersburg is a beautiful place to visit and Anastasia made is even more special.  Our driver Alexander was also great.
We also had a marvelous time in Kiel.  I know that it was an unusual request for a tour of Kiel and the surrounding countryside but you made it all work.  We were so fortunate to have Ernst as our guide and your husband Stefan as our driver.  We told Stefan that you ought to make that a regular tour.  Ernst has such a knowledge of the history of this beautiful area and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
Our only regret is that you didn't offer your tours in every port we visited.   None of our other port visits were as successful as Kiel and St. Petersburg.  We will be certain to post a high recommendation of SPB Tours on Cruise Critic's website.
Again, thank you for providing the highlights of our vacation.  If possible, could you forward our thanks and comments to Anastasia and Ernst?
Galene and Ken Bushor, Mike and Margene O'Shea  kennethbushor@q.com

13 July 2010
Hi Vika
We had your husband as our driver today and Preston as our guide. A very enjoyable day and very informative!
Thank you
Jo Anne  jlcummings@shaw.ca

13 July 2010
Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for the great job your tour guides in Berlin and St. Petersburg did during our recent cruise. In Berlin, Preston did a superb job of relaying the information and making it personal for us. In St. Petersburg, we couldn't have asked for a better guide than Irena. Both of them took time to answer our questions and went above and beyond. Our whole experience with your company was extremely positive and we will encourage others to use your services as well.
Thanks for everything.
Monte and Tricia Garrett, Associate Professor of Music, Howard Payne University  Mgarrett@hputx.edu

13 July 2010
Hi Victoria,
My parents just came home from a trip in the Baltic Sea and they used your company for tours in both Berlin and St. Petes.
In St.Petersburg, the guide Natalya Granskaya and the driver Frolov Nikolay were great.  Natalya especially was wonderful.  She had great knowledge of the sites they saw and presented the information in a exiting and interesting manner.  She fulfilled her duty far beyond expectations.  They would highly recommend her services.
Thank you again and we would recommend your company for future trips.
Sabina Unger  sabinaunger@yahoo.com

11 July 2010
Dear Vika
Our tour of St Petersburg (from the NCL Sun, on July 4-5 was excellent!
Maria Malakhova is a sensational tour guide.  She is very smart, organized, and passionate about St Petersburg and all its sites.  She kept us "on track" with a very busy schedule.  Her English language skills are top notch.
Even the weather was perfect: warm and sunny.
Thank you again for a great tour of St Petersburg!Thank you for a wonderful tour of Berlin from NCL Sun on July 1.  Derek did
a great job!  He is knowledgeable and personable.
Karla Scott, Miami, Florida  kjscott@bellsouth.net

10 July 2010
Hello Viktoria,
I just wanted to thank you again for all your help when we found we had forgotten our tour tickets.  You couldn't have been more helpful, so thank you again.  We had two unforgettable days with Elena, she is amazing with all the information and history she was able to pass on to us.  St. Petersburg is a wonderful city and we felt that we saw so much of it, lots that other people don't get to see.
So, thanks to everyone in your organization for all your hard work.  We have friends looking to booking a Baltic cruise, so will certainly recommend that they use you.
Best wishes,
Sam & Sandra Griffiths (Norwegian Sun).  sands34c@hotmail.co.uk

8 July 2010
Hi all!
I just wanted to send a quick thank you email for a wonderful tour of St.
This two day trip, via our cruise ship, was part of my first international trip
and I do believe that St. Petersburg was the highlight.  While the sites in and
around the city were spectacular, they would have been less interesting without
our guide, Elena, and our driver, Max.  I'm not sure there's any way to not
sound cheesy, but it was a great trip.  We had really great weather - with the
warm temperatures and the bright sunshine for almost the entire two days, which
certainly helped us look around your lovely city.  It was definitely amazing
and, if I can do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing!
Thank you!
(30 June & 1 July, Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas)
Sarah Hallum  sarbah77@yahoo.com

7 July 2010
just want to thank you for making our days in St petersburg  great.
We had a good time with Helen, she was so knowlegable. We saw so many
beautiful places.
Vielen Dank.
Rosemarie and Fred  fd475@aol.com

7 July 2010
Dear Viktoria, I want to thank you for 2 wonderful tours.  Both Natalya in St. Petersburg and Jonathan in Berlin were extremely professional and knowledgeable about their cities.  Natalya did some research since we wanted the tour with Jewish focus. It worked out perfect since we visited the Grand Choral Synagogue on June 20th, our 45th Wedding Anniversary. Jonathan, with his great personality, made our Berlin tour both fun and exciting. I would highly recommend them both as exceptional tour guides. Sincerely Natalie Sawye  eicnat@optonline.net

5 July 2010
We recently returned from our cruise. We really enjoyed having Yelena as our tour guide-she was very good. I gave her my e-mail address and asked her to e-mail me the itinerary that we actually followed for the 3 days we were there since it got changed from the original one you sent me. If there is a way to contact her and ask her to e-mail me that information, I can send it to the others in my group. I would appreciate your help with this. Thank you so much.
Diane Overman  dianeover@gmail.com

5 July 2010
Hi Viktoria. Thank you for having such a great tour set up for us June 12th 15th & 16th in Berlin and St Petersburg respectively. We must commend both our guides for the excellent job they did in herding us all around,especially in St Petersburg and in the Hermitage. Eugene was very concerned and conscientious about taking care of us. A big job!!. We liked the drivers,( the one to Berlin was excellent and did not drive too fast)the few numbers of people in our group,and your organization to keep it all together. Heather is a wealth of information which she never seems to tired to give out. Right to the end of the tour she was still filled with facts. My head was tired by then. Lunch places were excellent on both tours. We liked having all the needs payed up front. Made for a very nice 3 days. Much more satisfactory than the ships excursions as we found out.  annjer@cox.net

5 July 2010
On behalf of the ten of us who were fortunate to utilize the services of Ilena as our tour guide in St. Petersburg on June 25 and 26, we want to thank you for a fantastic experience.  Ilena was a marvelous tour guide.  Her encyclopedic knowledge as well as her patience and sense of humor made the experience absolutely priceless.  If you get to communicate our compliments to her, she will remember us through the “inside” joke of the word”gorgeous” which was repeated often by one of our group (Toby).  If you ever need any endorsements regarding the your services, please do not hesitate to contact me at garygleck@sbcglobal.net.  Again, thank you and a special thanks to our tour guide, Ilena…Gary Gleckman  garygleck@sbcglobal.net

3 July 2010
Viktoria & Anthony,
I've returned from my cruise on the Eurodam and associated travel and wanted to let you know how much my wife and I (and the second couple traveling with us) enjoyed our tours of Berlin and St. Petersburg.
Our tour guides (Heather in Berlin and Natalie in St. Petersburg) were outstanding.  I would have no hesitancy in recommending your agency to anyone who is interested.  Our experience in St. Petersburg was much better than anyone we met who had gone on the tours arranged by Holland America.
Thanks for providing such great service.
Bill Jones  joneswmp@att.net

2 July 2010
Hi all,
This is Louise (Louise and Bob Craven, Davis CA) Star Princess, May 12-22.   I hope you are well and enjoying the summer.
I put our photos online on facebook and have made them 'public'.   Please feel free to check them out if you're interested.  There are four pages of thumbnails that you can click-on to see a larger version.
Thank you for the wonderful companionship.  Thank you Viktoria for your hospitality .   Please tell Eugene hello and Spasiba !
Louise Craven  sunset88@omsoft.com

2 July 2010
We thoroughly enjoyed the tours in St Pete and Berlin.  In fact, we told our travel agent who arranged the cruise for us here in Houston about SPb.  Hope you have a great rest of the "season".
Richard M.Helmey , UNIVERSITYCOPYCENTERS, Houston  richardhelmey@universitycopycenter.com

1 July 2010
Dear Viktoria,
I just wanted to send you a quick message and tell you how pleased we were with our tours in both Berlin and St. Petersburg.  Our tour guides, Heather in Berlin and Natalia in St. Petersburg were both very knowledgable, pleasant, and clearly intent on having us see and learn all that was possible about their respective cities in the short time we were there.
The service was excellent from the drivers also.  We have cruised often but never toured outside of the cruise line excursions in the past.  This was a wonderful experience. We appreciated the information you provided prior to our trip also.
All in all....this was a trip to remember for years to come, thanks to your guidance and wonderful staff.
Jean and Andrew Nikovits  drjean@comcast.net

1 July 2010
Hi Heather- today I finally read your email as I just got in from the cruise and am back in Vancouver.  I just wanted you to know what a great day we had with Sean.    He was Mr. Chatty Kathy but he had so much to tell us in such a short time and he did an excellent. job.  I would recommend anyone travelling to Berlin to get in touch with him.  Thanks again.  Jill Purdy  jpurdy@telus.net

1 July 2010

Dear Viktoria -
I just wanted to thank you for accommodating us during our recent trip to St. Petersburg.  We absolutely fell in love with your city, and we also fell in love with our guide, Tatiana.  Every member of our large family included her as a high-light of our entire trip.
She is truly a joy and an accomplished guide and wealth of information to everything we saw, and a living encyclopedia of all things Russia!  We just can't say enough about her personally as well as her organization in keeping us on time for everything that we had planned.
Also, thank you for guiding us to the Marinsky - the ballet was stunning.
We will definitely refer you and SPB Tours (and Tatiana) to anyone inquiring about tours in St. Petersburg.
In addition, Alex was invaluable and very helpful when our train was not able to arrive into Berlin and we got returned to Rostock.
You have awesome employees - you should be very proud.
Thank you again,
Karen Larson  lklarson@suddenlink.net

30 June 2010
Now that we are home and settled Patti and I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed St. Petersburg. There is no doubt that the reason we enjoyed it so much was the direct result of the quality of the service you provided. You were there exactly as promised and Elena did a wonderful job enlightening and teaching us about your wonderful city and its very colourful history!
A great trip and if you ever need a reference for a prospective client, please feel free to pass our contact information on to them.
Very best regards,
Greg & Patti Garnett  ggarnett2@shaw.ca

29 June 2010
Hi Viktoria,
Just a note to let you know that our both tours were outstanding.   Heather our tour guide in Berlin was a doll.   She was knowledgeable, friendly and just a nice girl. 
The tour in St. Petersburg was just as good.  Our guide there, Natalia, was also very knowledgeable and friendly.
I will definitely recommend SPB to anyone that is taking the Baltic tours.   Thanks again for all you assistance and  help. Sorry we didn't meet you in St. Petersburg but again thanks.
Mary Ann & Buddy Harnett  MAEH1031@aol.com

28 June 2010
We just returned to the US and I wanted to e-mail you right away to let you
know how pleased we were with the SPB tour of St. Petersburg.  Eugene did a
fabulous job with the content of the tour, management of our group (we had a
couple of challenging personalities), and management of the logistics (we
had a couple of challenging crowd situations).  We thoroughly enjoyed our
trip to your city and will highly recommend your company in the future.  One
of our other group members is a frequent contributor to the blog "Cruise
Critic" and promised to log a favorable endorsement of SPB as well.
Thank you for all your help and please pass along our thanks again to Eugene
and Sergey.
Debra Griest  debra@dlgriest.com

25 June 2010
We wanted you to know that we thoroughly enjoyed our tour of St. Petersburg.  We thought that Albina was an exceptional tour guide.  We have taken many professional tours in other major European cities and I can honestly say that Albina was the best.  Also, Serge was a wonderful driver.  Please tell Albina that we will send you the pictures of the boys with the monkeys and we ask you to pass them along to her.
Richard M. Starke  rstarke@banyanmezzanine.com

25 June 2010
Hi Viktoria,
Just wanted to send a note to thank you for the great time we had in St Pete’s as well as Berlin.  I’m going to be working on my photos for quite some time, we took over 12,000 this trip!  Both Elana’s were wonderful and we feel fortunate we had 4 days to enjoy your city, although there is never enough time.   They both went out of their way to make sure we saw as much as possible and we saw so much more than was on our list.  I’ve no doubt we will return someday and look forward to seeing you all then.  It would be hard to pick a favorite thing, we enjoyed so much.  We arrived home on Monday and I’m still limping around.  Actually it’s just my left foot now that is still bothering me, but I hope it will feel better soon.  We sure did walk a lot of miles this trip.
We loved our guide Heather in Berlin too and she really showed us a lot in our limited time.  I’m not sure how many days we would need in Berlin to do it justice, but a few hours is definitely not enough time.  We did get stuck in the parade traffic, and then there was a detour on our way back to the ship so some of the group (surprisingly not me, and that is one of the things I do tend to worry about) started getting a little nervous.  We arrived in time, but the bus let out a sigh of relief when they saw the ship.  Otherwise, we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  I wish we could have spent more time.
Please feel free to pass this letter along to our guides so they will know we appreciated them all very much.  Hope to see you all again soon, and I’ll be sure to recommend your company at any opportunity I get.
Thanks so much to all of you,
Brenda & Brian Nemer  starskyfan@juno.com

24 June 2010
Hi Vika-Just an e-mail to thank you and your team for making our 2 day tour in St. Petersburg so memorable. We had the most glorious time thanks to Albeena-she was not only wonderful to be with, but also professional, knowledgable, courteous and accomadating.She is a true asset to your company. Treasure her. Again, thank you for the fabulous 2 days. Loved, loved your city.
Sincerely, Donna Starke  dstarke36@comcast.net

22 June 2010
Alan and I want to thank you for arranging the amazing tour of St Petersburg for us.  The personalized attention was wonderful, Albinia ?, our tour guide was so knowledgeable and genuinely interested in making sure everything went smoothly.  She handled the  problems with professionalism.   We want to thank you for your efforts in making sure our trip was perfect!
We have and would continue to recommend your company!
Thank you again,
Maris and Alan Newmark  marisnewmark@yahoo.com

22 June 2010
Hello Viktoria,
Hope you are doing well. We have been back home in Montreal for almost a month.
We wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed our 2-day visit in St-Petersburg on May 25th and 26th. The success is mainly attributable to Elena and Maxim who did such a great job. Elena is very knowledgeable and gave us so much useful and interesting information. Maxim is a very cautious driver and we knew we were in good hands at all times. We know the first day was quite long for them and we really appreciate the effort they made to make it a wonderful day.
This visit made us want to come back to visit St-Petersburg some more but also to visit other parts of Russia.
Please give our warmest regards to Elena and Maxim.
Isabelle and Stephane  beruisa@yahoo.ca

22 June 2010
Hi Vika!
It was nice to finally meet you in St. Petersburg.  Thank you again for giving us and the Bethels the discount because Linda Nickles broke her leg.  We also want to let you know how very much we enjoyed both the tours in Berlin and St. Petersburg.  Heather in Berlin was fabulous.  We had been a little concerned about going with a bigger group but Heather made it more than worth it.  Svetlana in St. Petersburg was also terrific.  She was really able to adapt to us and how we liked to do things.
Thank you again for everything.
Judy and George Altman  jandgaltman@yahoo.com

21 June 2010
It was a great pleasure meeting with you and our dealings with your company were always of a very high calibre.  Special thanks to both Elana and Eugene for making our visit to St. Petersburg so fantastic. Both were extremely professional and the depth of Elana's knowledge contributed greatly to our enjoyment. We also appreciated Eugene willingness to pick us up from the theatre with little advance notice. Please pass on our thanks to both. No surprise, your wonderful city was the highlight of the trip.  Many thanks.
regards, Pam and Bruce  cornish@ pathcom.com

21 June 2010
Just returned home and thought that I must thank you and your staff for a most enjoyable stop in St Petersburg.
We are just so pleased that despite the ship trying to convince us that the only way to disembark was with a Russian Visa you came up trumps.
Clearly as a small group of ten we had a far more enjoyable time than the large coach parties from the ship.
Please thank your two guides, they were knowlegable and very friendly with excellent english, a credit to your business.
Thanks for making the holiday.
Neil Cranefield  neilcranefield@dsl.pipex.com

20 June 2010
Once again thank you for 3 wonderful days in Saint Petersburg, and also for an enjoyable day in Berlin. I have already been contacted by several cruise critic people who are either already contracted with you or considering you for their cruise, and of course I only had good things to say.
Tim and Preston did a wonderful job and I could not have been happier. Lorraine agrees. Maybe we will eventually come back to visit Saint Petersburg on a land trip and we will of course contact you.
Your organization did the best job and everyone on the ship who toured with you had only good things to say as well.
Please feel free to post my comments on your website if you like and if anyone wants a reccommendation from past clients please feel free to give them my name and email address.
It was also wonderful to finally meet you.
Arthur Fenster and Lorraine Stein  afenster2@cox.net

19 June 2010
Hello Viktoria,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Superb 2 day private tour my Mum & I enjoyed with your company on 3rd & 4th June in St Petersburg.
Our tour guide/driver Elena was excellent, highly knowledgeable and really geared the tour to my Mums pace. We saw all the main highlights as well as getting well off the beaten track at the Railway Museum - there were only 2 other visitors there - somewhat different to the Hermitage! And the (free) wheelchair for my Mum at the Hermitage was extremely helpful too.
We really felt special as we just breezed past the queues at the Palaces & Cathedrals with Elena, and our snack lunch stops each day were excellent and great value. Elena's driving skills were excellent given that both the skills of other road users and the road surfaces in St Petersburg often seem to leave a lot to be desired!
Everything was just so well organised for us, from the fast reply to initial emails, to the friendly welcome we received on disembarkation (we followed the instructions and almost got off the ship too early for you!) and I really felt that we received far better value and saw just so much more than we would have done with any ship's excursion. At the end of our two days, our farewell to Elena was like saying goodbye to a good friend.
I would recommend your company to anyone visiting St Petersburg - we just couldn't fault it and enjoyed every minute of our stay.
Thanks so much,
David Mann, Wymondham, Norfolk, United Kingdom  RedRovrTvl@aol.com

18 June 2010
We just got home and wanted to tell you that we really loved our tour with SPB.  Luba and Peter were beyond wonderful to us.  We spoke to several people after our tour with you and we were able to do and see so much more than was being offered by the cruise ship.  We also were able to save money as well.  Luba was an excellent guide that explained everything so well and made your city an interesting place.  We can't wait to come back and see St. Petersburg again.  I highly recommend your tour group especially if someone brings their children with them like we did.  Luba made sure our children had as much fun as the adults.  Thank you again for arranging such a fantastic tour for our family.  It was a dream vacation that was all the more special because of the tour we took with your company.  Thank you.
David, Laura, Micheal and Andrew Flinders  lwf99@aol.com

17 June 2010
Hi Viktoria
Just a quick email to thank you for the wonderful 2 day tour of St Petersburg on the 6th and 7th June, our guide for the 2 days was Elena and our driver was Max.
The organisation during  the 2 days was very impressive, with both Elena and Max  taking good care of us, stopping wherever possible for my husband Steve to take numerous photographs. Getting off the hydrofoil after a beautiful sunny afternoon at Peterhoff Palace to see Max, with perfect timing, waiting to transfer us back to our ship with time in hand was another example of the thorough organisation into all aspects of the tour. 
We will not hesitate in recommending your company to any of our friends who might be thinking of travelling to St Petersburg, and will remember our time in your beautiful city for a long time.
Thank you once again
Steve and Rebecca  reb@snibbosbv2.plus.com

16 June 2010
Hi there,
I would like to thank you for a wonderful two days in St Petersburg.  Paulina had amazing knowledge and we were very grateful for her expertise and skill during our stay.  Both she and Boris handled us with very kind and gentle gloves for our first trip to your country!
Again, thanks for your wonderful hospitality and beautiful city.  This has been one of the best two days we have spent touring throughout the world, mostly in part to the great guiding we have had from Paulina and Boris.
Best wishes for success to you and your company,
James, Kara & Andrew Pugh, New Zealand.  jkpugh@xtra.co.nz

15 June 2010
Dear Viktoria,
Just a note to let you know how  much we enjoyed our two days with Albina June 3 and 4 last. The itinerary was excellent and we always felt quite confident our guide would not lose us! Peter, our driver, was so considerate and efficient; he deserves a special mention also.
Thank you for arranging such  diverse and interesting activities for us. St. Petersburg was the highlight of our 21 day cruise. The arranged group was friendly and all travelled well together.
Cheers from Australia.
Sue and Ian Campbell  susannecampbell@aapt.net.au

14 June 2010
Vika and Anthony:
It was nice to meet you in St. Petersburg; I was sorry Anthony could not be there as well.
I would like to thank you for the wonderful tours we had of St. Petersburg on 26 and 26 May; Elena Semenova was an excellent guide and very passionate about the city she loves.  In spite of two days of rain, everyone on the tours enjoyed themselves.
I have notified the other travel agents in the office about SPb Tours, the benefits that SPb Tours can provide to their clients, and how you responded promptly to each and every question I had about the tours and putting the group together.  I have also notified them that international cruise passengers do not need separate Russian visas as long as they tour with a company like SPb Tours and do not have to take the ship's tours, which are generally more expensive and have larger groups.
Best Regards,
Steve Zemsky  Smz42@aol.com

14 June 2010
Just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for such a wonderful day. It was the highlight of our entire trip! Luba and Serge were the best and really made the day special. Thanks for all you did to set it up.
One quick thing – did you find, by any chance, a small red camera in one of the seats. Katie lost hers sometime on the cruise, and we don’t know where. So, I just thought I’d ask if you had it.
Thanks again for everything!
Wendi Pollard  scottandwendi@knology.net

14 June 2010
I hope everyone made it home safely with lots of fond memories of our St. Petersburg tour.  Our two day tour of St. Petersburg was the highlight of our Baltic cruise.  This is largely due to the well organized tour as provided by SPB.  Most importantly, I'd have to say that Albina made this tour most enjoyable as well as informative.  Albina is exceptionally talented and we loved every moment of our two day tour.
Viktoria: thank you for everything and please extend our sincere appreciation to Albina.  I will be sending a very positive review to your website in the near future.  We wish you all the best with your wonderful tour company!
Let me know if anyone has any trouble in opening the attached pictures.
Dave & Sharon Munson  CTiles@aol.com

14 June 2010
This is the first chance I have had to thank you for my memorable two days in St Petersburg.  Your team was phenomenal.
Luba (sorry about the spelling, I am certain is is incorrect.) and company showed us a side of St Petersburg that the majority of the passengers on Celebrity Constellation don't even know exists other than what we told them.  Many passengers, when they heard of our tours expressed regrets that they weren't with us.
Tim, what can I say, the man is a walking, talking encyclopedia.  There wasn't a question asked that he didn't have an answer to.  The stops were very interesting as well as beautiful.  I will recommend your company to anyone.
Thanks Again,
Celebrity Constellation, June 3rd & June 4th of 2010
Dan and Judy Martin  Marti43@comcast.net

13 June 2010
Hi Vika
We can't thank you enough for the great tour of St.  Petersburg.  Ira was a wonderful guide with  so many  interesting points to share with us. She seems to be a very hard worker and very accommodating to all in the group.  We hope she enjoyed our group as much as we enjoyed her!  We will certainly recommend your tour to anyone who inquires!!
Thank you again,
John & Karen Carter and Joan St.Clair  jacklc@comcast.net

13 June 2010
Dear Vika:
We took one of your tours May 29 and 30, and I wanted you to know that we were very happy with all the arrangements.  Our guide, Tim, and driver, Peter, were both excellent.  Tim is very knowledgeable and we learned a lot.  St. Petersburg is a beautiful city and very clean.  Sadly, only two days was not enough time, however maybe sometime in the future we will go back for a longer visit.
Best wishes to you, Tim and Peter.
Evelyn  mascot1@sympatico.ca

11 June 2010 
Dear Vika,
Attached is a photo of our tour group for your files.  We had a wonderful time Vika, and wanted to thank you for arranging such a wonderful experience for us.  Elena was amazing, so knowledgeable and patient with all our questions.  She looked after us very very well and Yuri did a great job to get us back to the ship in very busy traffic.  Thank you again Vika.  Best regards, Denise  & Alan Fyfe.  adfyfe@gmail.com

10 June 2010
Hello Viktoria
My family and I would like to send the warmest thanks to you and our tour guide Elena Yurchenko along with our driver Max.  We had the 'custom de-lux tour' on 29th and 30th May 2010 from the Norweigan Sun which unfortunately let us off the ship a little later than expected but Elena and Max along with your other staff members were still there to greet us and introduce themselves. They made us feel very welcome from the onset.
Elena was an exceptional tour guide, extremely clever and knowledgable about the widest range of topics with an excellent command of our language. She could answer questions on anything we cared to know and if she wasnt able to tell us immediately, then she would find out and surprise us with the information later. We mentioned along the way on the first day that my husband was interested in the work of Dostoevsky, so on day 2 she ensured that we took a little time out to visit his apartment which pleased my husband no end. This was just one instance when we really felt the personal touch which we could not have experienced had we have taken a group tour. As we crossed the Kissing Bridge on our first morning we told Elena that it was our wedding anniversary that day. To our surprise, later that night when we were on the evening tour with Eugene she remembered and called him so that he could toast us with an extra vodka! We felt this was really kind and thoughtful and another example of the warmth we received from her.
Max drove us safely around in a very clean and luxurious Mercedes which he re-washed ready for the second day. He even washed the cherries which we bought in the market so that my daughter could eat them before getting back on the ship. Although he had limited english, he too was able to chip in with his own views on everyday life and he had a good sense of humour - something we found in all your staff.
I must also give a mention to our 2 guides on the evening fun tour - Eugene and Andre.  There were less of us than expected so they had to work a little harder at getting the atmosphere going but they accomplished this with ease.  Andre was explaining that he had only been with your company for 2 weeks and his hopes are to become a full tour guide in the future. Well I most certainly think he will acheive this. With the events in the city on that weekend the streets were very crowded and in a foreign country this can often be quite intimidating but Andre made us feel very safe always ensuring everyone was together, even trying to keep us all dry with one umbrella! On our way back to the ship he sang a traditional russian song and we all tried to join in which was a fun and fantastic end to our day. Good luck Andre.
I really would like to congratulate you for your attention in employing excellent staff and wish for you to ensure that those concerned see a copy of this e-mail please. We had the time of our lives in St P. and it would not have been possible or as enjoyable without you all. We gained so much more historical, social and political knowledge than we ever thought and that will stay with us forever, along with the memories of your beautiful city.
Kindest Regards
Julie, Craig, Holly and Charlotte Frazer-Morris
P.s.  Please feel free to use any part of this as testimonial on your website if you wish. I will also recommend your company whenever I get the chance and I'd love to think that I will be there again one day. Best wishes.  juliefm@blueyonder.co.uk

10 June 2010
Pat and I wanted to thank you and your whole group for making our experience in St. Petersburg so wonderful.  Your city is beautiful and full of history.  The one thing that really made our tour so nice was Luba.  She is without a doubt one of the best tour guides and a wonderful person that we have ever encountered.  Her knowledge and love of the city and country is fantastic.
Things went so easy because of your communications prior to the cruise.  We were able to have everything that was needed or required in order to get off the ship, go through passport control and immigration without a problem.  Thanks so much for the help and for meeting us personally at the port.  I believe we could have spent a couple of weeks in Russia with the experience we had.  Thank you again for all of your help and quick responses via e-mail before we sailed.
I promised Luba that I would send her some of the pictures she let me take so if you would please get them to her I would appreciate it.  I have attached them for you.
Pat and I just can't thank you, Luba and your whole team enough for such a wonderful experience.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,
Danny and Pat Cook  djnpat@cox.net

9 June 2010
Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your tour company.  We had the best guide of course (Ekatarina) and our driver was great (Serge).  We saw most everything on our list of stops and Ekatarina was very knowlegeable and helpful.  Please let her know we enjoyed ourselves.
It was very easy to leave the ship and return without any problems.  We were pleasantly surprised.    We would definitely recommend your company to others.  If you could please send me the email address for Ekatarina so that I might send her an email.
Thanks so much,
Mark and Cindy Douglas  krdlmd@cox.net

9 June 2010

Viktoria, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for two wonderful tours. Preston in Berlin did a great job showing our group the highlights of Berlin in a very busy day. The St. Petersburg, two day tour was outstanding, definitely the "Jewel" of our trip. Ted did an excellent job for the two days of guiding the group through what is now my favorite city ever visited. His love for the city and the people was evident in his presentation. Everyone in the group was more than pleased that we selected SPB Tours to complement our cruise Ports. I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends that are going on a similar cruise and make sure that SPB is well represented on Cruise Critic blogs as the best company to deal with in Berlin and St. Petersburg. Again, thanks for the great tours.
May 18th Berlin, May 22,23 St. Petersburg,  Pete & Ellen Hartman  Straxle@aol.com

7 June 2010
Hi Vika,
Just a few words to let you know how much we enjoyed our tou and the great guide that we had. This is a picture with most of our group and guide. If we every take this cruise again be sure that we will call on you to take care of us. Richard  sgtcole1976@yahoo.com

5 June 2010
Hello, Victoria-
I want to thank you again for the incredibly excellent service we received from you, Anthony and Elena during our recent trip on the Star Princess. It was flawless from our first contact with you, though our detailed correspondence with Anthony and especially during our 2 days with Elena. Even dealing with Iness and money was not in the least bit painful! :-) Everyone was delightful and knowlegeable, patient and organized - it made our time with you totally stress-free.
I can't say enough about Elena. I led groups in Italy at one point and have to admit, I was sorely lacking in professionalism and knowledge in comparison to her! She is warm, fun and yet firm enough to keep the group from wandering too much. We all enjoyed her company and left Russia with great sadness but with a very good understanding of your beautiful city.  It was by far the high point of  our cruise and will never be forgotten.
Thanks so very much - I will recommend you without hesitation and feel very fortunate that I found you!
Hope the t-shirt fits...should get a laugh, if nothing else~
Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you from this side of the world.
Warm regards, Laurie Cohen, East-West Travel, Inc., Florida  lauriepcohen@yahoo.com

4 June 2010
Hello Viktoria
May I take this opportunity in thanking you very much for making our 2 days in St Petersburg fantastic.
Sveta our guide was superb, very informative and  her knowledge about art work was outstanding.
I can't pick out any one thing which I enjoyed the most as Sveta sold all of St Petersburg to us!! I can't believe how many place we fitted into our 2 days in St Petersburg, and of course the ballet in the evening was fantastic.
Ilya our driver was great, he waited for us to get ready after our busy first day, then drove us to the ballet. He escorted us to the theatre doors and said he would be waiting for us after the ballet had finished, true to his word he was waiting for us and drove us back to the ship after a most enjoyable evening.
SBP Tours made our visit to St Petersburg a most memorable and hastle free 2 days which will stay with us for many a year.
Thank you once again and I have already recommended SPB Tours to other people on the cruise ship for future Baltic cruises.
Kind regards
Wendy Foster  steve.wendy.foster@orange.fr

3 June 2010
The following is a review that I wrote for Cruise Critic. I wanted to tell you that Lena and Maxim were absolutely the best. We compared notes with others and we felt that we received the best value for our money. We will recommend your tours and will book with you when we make a trip to Berlin.
Cruise Critic Review:
When my husband and I began planning for our Baltic cruise we decided that our key spot for spending our money would be St Petersburg, Russia. After researching for weeks, we discovered that the best way to see Russia in the short two days we were there would be to book one or more tours. We knew that a large bus tour was not what we wanted. Too many people with different needs and interests to get through a site. We found another couple looking at Cruise Critic and other tour company websites and joined together to look for a private tour company that would meet our needs of "see as much as we possibly could in the two days we were in ST Petersburg".
We came upon SPB Tours that we felt met our needs including allowing us to choose what we wanted to see and do. We were not disappointed. We began at 7:00 AM the first day and ended at 8:30 PM with dinner in a restaurant. The second day was equally filled from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. With the exception of dinner (inexpensive) plus $20.00 an hour for our guide and driver's time, everything was included in the one price we paid (all entrances to museums).
We spoke to many onboard ship who had other trips planned and we saw everything they saw plus more. Many other tour groups saw the outside of many sites and did not make it into them (example: the Church of the Spilt BLood).  Our guide was able to take our small group to alternate entrances where we did not have to wait in long lines. She was knowledgeable and kept us thoroughly informed about everything including answering our questions about daily Russian life. She and our driver were flexible enough to skip lunch at our request and pull over as needed for photo opts or short visits to additional churches or building that we saw. We had a couple of shopping needs that they fulfilled for us, too. I would highly recommend SPB and will probably book a tour with them in Berlin when we go there, too. Our guide: Lena and Maxim our driver. Our cost $365.00 per person. Best money we have ever spent.
Jackie Trimble  jackie_trimble@hotmail.com

2 June  2010

I just wanted to compliment you and thank you for supplying us with a wonderful tour and a superb guide, Elena, on the 22nd and 23rd of May. I can't express our gratitude enough on how impressed we were with how organized your business is run. The fact that you respond so quickly to emails and answer all questions is important to we travelers. The fact that you make a personal appearance at the vans on the morning of the tours was even more impressive. You certainly know how to run a business and I tip my hat to you.
As for Elena, we just can't say enough good things about her...she was an absolute delight and so knowledgable. But in my case, even more so as she always made a point to turn her head towards me so I could read her lips, whether we were in the van or a palace or museum. You have no idea how much I appreciated this as I was able to follow all of her talk with no problem at all.
I have been back on the message boards in Cruise Critic singing praises for SPB to future travelers and have read others who were in your other vans saying their tours were just as wonderful as ours.
So I thank you, thank Elena again and please send her our regards when you see her next.
Mary and Jim Owens  lex1517@yahoo.com

1 June 2010
We all are now home, and setteled back into our daily lives here at home in the United States.
When I started working with you in early February, to put together our 2 day Tour in St. Petersburg, for our May 16 & 17 days in Port, I felt that when the time came, and we spent our 2 days of Touring in your beautiful City, we all would love and enjoy all that we were able to see and do.
Especially since my husband and I had been to St. Petersburg 12 years ago on another Cruise.
What we came away with from having had you as our Tour Company, and then having Luba as our Tour Guide and Paul as our Driver, cannot be put into just a small amount of words to describe all of our feelings as we spent the 2days with all of you in St. Petersburg.
My group of 8, plus my husband and myself, feel so lucky and blessed that I had selected you, and your Tour Company.
Vika, how do we begin to describe the wonderful Memories of all of our time with you and Luba, and Paul, as you made St. Petersburg, and the History and Beauty of the City, and the people of St. Petersburg come alive and always remain as our very "Favorite City" in the Baltic to visit.
We haven't yet stopped talking of how wonderful those 2 days of doing the Tour in St. Petersburg meant to all of us.
Thank you with all our Hearts, not only for providing us with that wonderful Tour, but especially to you, for making all the arrangements, ; for always responding to my questions, and e-mails, but above all, for each morning while in Port coming to greet us with your smile and a warm Hello.
You also gave us Luba, as our Tour Guide, and we all were spoiled by her making sure that she would share with us her love of St. Petersburg, and she truly was the best of the best.
We went to Poland hoping that the Tour Guide we had there would be even half as wonderful, loving, and caring as Luba was to us the entire time we had Luba.   But for Poland it was not to be !
All of us want you to know, that all we had heard about you and SPB Tours, really didn't do you full justice !
You, your Company, and your Staff are trully the "Best of the Best" Tour Company in St. Petersburg.
Thank you all for all you did to give each of us such wonderful Memories of those 2 unforgetable days in St. Petersburg.
Warmest Regards,
Barbara and Durrell Johnson (and group of family and friends)  dajohnson@webtv.net

1 June 2010
Man Victoria----- The Tours were Great---I am sooo impressed with your Crew!!!!!! The Fun Tour was Great also---- after a Few Vodkas However---it was even Better!!!!! Hope I did'nt offend anyone---Like the Driver or Perhaps "Katcha"?  Please tell her for me that it's her Turn to come see the Deep South----- if she ever gets any Free Time!!!!!  Thanks again and Take care!!!!!!!  Jack P  Littajack@aol.com

31 May 2010
Hi Viktoria
Just wanted to say Hi to you and hope that this coming season is your best ever. I see that ships have started sailing to St Petersburg, so you must be getting very busy. You and SPB tours do a fantastic job, and I will continue to sing your praises to everyone and anyone I see or meet. I really appreciate all the nice things you have sent us, and I hope, one day, maybe to return to St Petersburg and meet you again.  Again, I will do all I can to help you and your business, and again, have a great season, and be well.
Len and Doris  giantfanlen@msn.com

30 May 2010
Hello, Viktoria....
My husband and I wish to congratulate SPB Tours for the superb St. Petersburg tour May 16 and 17 (Star Princess).  Tim was our guide and his knowledge and wealth of information sated even the most inquisitive in our group. 
Although you popped on our van and greeted us, I didn't have an opportunity to meet you personally;  obviously you had a great deal of responsibility that day and we appreciated the very thorough organization and scheduling of the tour.  I've recommended your company to three other couples who will be on Baltic cruises and visiting St. Petersburg.
Again, thank you for sharing your expertise with us.
Saludoes from Costa Rica,
Linda Manoll and Fransciscus Lamers  linleela@gmail.com
29 May 2010
Hi Viktoria-
First of all, please extend our greetings to Elena.  We wanted to write you and tell you how wonderful our experience was last week in St. Petersburg on many different levels. Elena was the utmost professional in sometimes difficult situations. She has a wealth of knowledge and the ability to communicate her knowledge to her clients, but you already know that.  She was a joy to be with and she and Dimitri (the driver) did everything they could to make our Russian experience a very memorable one. It was a wonderful, albeit very busy, 2 days.  Elena covered everything we wanted to see and then some extra adventures also.
We will definitely recommend you and your services to anyone desiring this experience.  Thank you for your timely responses and very clear instructions. Please feel free to share this correspondence with Elena.  She was exceptional!
Ron and Terry Berlin  TGBerlin@comcast.net

25 May 2010

Dear Vika, Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit to St. Petersburg with your company.  In spite of some confusion aboard our ship with Ms.Sun, our group all worked out for the best.  We can not say enough good things about our guide, Elena Suhova.  She was very outgoing, extremely knowledgeable of her tour information and very well received by all on our tour.  She was very careful to stay on the timetable set, yet answered all concerns and questions we asked.  She is a real asset to your company.  I plan to give your card to my local travel agent with our recommendation to use SPB for clients desiring to visit St. Petersburg in the future.  What a beautiful city you represent.  Bob Houston  bdhouston@earthlink.net

24 May 2010
Hi Vicktoria.
We would like to again thank you for our wonderful tour of St. Petersburg May 16 and May 17 while on our cruise on the Star Princess.  We thoroughly enjoyed the city and all the wonderful sights we were fortunate to visit.  Your city is so beautiful and so historic.  We were very fortunate to have had Albina as our guide, she is so charming and such a delight to be with.  Her knowledge of the city and its history is amazing and her presentation was delightful.  Again, thank you to our driver Peter, who was also charming.
We have posted a favourable review of your Company for others to consider should anybody wish to avail themselves of your services in the future.
Our very best regards to you all.
Robert and Connie Burnett  rburnett4@cogeco.ca

20 May 2010
Oh Our Vika,
If your ears were ringing yesterday it was because Luba and you spoiled us...
Our Tour in Poland didn't compare to the wonderful Tour you provided us and giving us Luba as our Guide..
All of us loved Poland, and I especially because it is my Heritage, but tho we had a good driver and private Van, the Van was not as comfortable as the one you provided us, along with the special touch with the Water each day for each of us.
Please tell Luba since we do not have her e-mail, that she was just a wonderful tour guide, and cared about each one of us as if we were family of her's...
I had cut my left leg very badly in Stockholm, and I have a Genetic Blood Clotting disorder, so any amount of walking was difficult for me, plus when I return home, I will see my Cardiologist and at some point will have to have a special heart surgery.
My Heart  skips beats, and then races far to fast, and I can have a Blood Clot (Again).... I had both lungs filled with blood clots in Jan. 2009 and had to be rushed to the hospital, and I also had a blood clot in my right leg and knee...
I came thru that and was put on a blood thinner, and then this Jan. once again I had to be rushed to the hospital because my heart wouldn't behave... I had a Heart Attack in July 2008.
But life is to be lived to the fullest, and I want to continue to go and do as much as I can, while we can.
I feel thru all of our correspondence, that you are a Lady with a very big heart, who cares about the passengers who book thru you, that we are like your children... You worry, care about each person, and therefore you give 110% of yourself to give all of us the very best tour in St. Petersburg that you can.
As I said, we all waited to do Poland, and they all loved it, but the Tour, and Tour Agent was not near as wonderful as was our Luba, Paul the driver, and the Van...
We all send you our deepest thank you, and our Love, for all you did and the wonderful memories we now carry with us because of you.
At. dinner after we said good bye to Russia, all 10 of us couldn't stop talking about the Tour, You making it a point to greet us each day (in spite of your busy day and time with your family and the business), and then wonderful Luba...
Tonite at dinner, once again we will speak of you, and wish we could have spent more time and days in Russia.
Please give Luba our love and best wishes.
And to you, my dear and wonderful friend thank you for always being on the other end of the e-mails.
You are a very wonderful and specail person, and I am so blessed that I chose you to do the Tour with.
With Love from, Barbara and Durrell, Rae Lynn and David, Betty and Sam, Pat and Danny, Mary and Tom
And thank you also for always and always for such wonderful memories.  bvj1936@aol.com

17 May 2010

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What a great job you did organising such a great tour - all the group agreed what a fantastic experience for us all. Lee Knowles
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